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Please be aware that our online shop is provided by Direct2Florist. Please click here see there privacy policy for information on how they may use your personal information.Important !

A few common problems when ordering flowers online. Please read before ordering online.

1.  "The flowers do not look like the picture that I ordered from" .  Please be aware that flowers can be substituted, we always will use the same colours and flowers to the same value. Please call us directly to order if you would like specific flowers or would like a breakdown of the flowers we will be using in your order, this will avoid disappointment.

2. "The flowers did not arrive on the right day or at the right time".  Please be aware that "Am" delivery is between the hours of 8am - 12noon and "Pm" delivery 12noon - 6pm. If you would like a specific time it is always best to call us instead of ordering online. Please always double check the date you have ordered for delivery is correct, we do not contact customers to check. EG, a customer recently ordered Mother's Day flowers for the day after Mother's Day and was surprised that we did not contact her to check if she had got it right, we had 5 other Mother's Day orders on that day too so had no reason to question it.

3. " The bouquet that was received is much smaller than I expected and not worth the money I paid".  Please be aware that the pictures you see online are of flowers in full bloom. They will be delivered in bud and will look smaller. The pictures are also usually of the middle sized option therefore if you order the cheaper version it will look smaller. The price you pay when ordering online includes delivery and a service charge. EG  If you pay £34.25. £4.25 goes to Direct 2 Florist, who provide the online service and £2.50 is the local delivery charge. The value of your bouquet will be £27.50. To avoid the service charge please call on 01903 740144 to order instead.

4. " I did not receive confirmation of delivery straight away".  A confirmation email will be sent to you. This relies on a good 4G connection and is carried out by the delivering florist via an app on a phone. Obviously this is not always possible at the time of delivery due to no signal or just being too busy. Please state in the "special instuctions box " if you need instant confirmatin and we can give you a call, otherwise we will do our very best to confirm asap. We will also do our best to attach a photo however this is nor always possible due to technical difficulties or time constraints. If you would like a photo again let us know.

If you are not completely happy with the flowers that we deliver please give us a call before leaving a review as any issues are easy to sort out and never intentional, we are always happy to replace flowers if there is any problem.

Please be aware of our delivery times at this current time, AM is between 9am and 10am. PM is between 2pm and 4pm.

For funeral orders please state the time of the funeral and we will organise the rest. 

To order please call 01903 740144 or order online below.

We wish all our customers the best in these uncertain times and thank you for your continued support.